Welcome to the JuggleBetter.com video page.  Watching videos of juggling performances can be a great way to learn.  By watching juggling patterns being skilfully executed, it can help you visualize how the patterns are supposed to look, which can actually help you to improve your technique.  Also, watching professional acts can give you an idea of what type of end result you might want to shoot for if you want to become a performer.

I’ve compiled tons of videos for your viewing pleasure.  Click through the following categories to be informed and amazed.

Juggling Video Categories

Technical – These videos show what would traditionally be considered juggling: the throwing and catching of objects in an extremely skillful way.

Comedy – This category showcases jugglers whose acts seamlessly combine juggling with comedy.

Flow Arts – Although some people might not lump the flow arts in with juggling, the two fields overlap in a big way.

Experimental – These are the mad scientists of juggling in their laboratories, concocting the juggling moves of the future.

Historical – These are the great jugglers of the past who have paved the way for future generations of jugglers.

Related Skills – This category is for skills that don’t quite fit into the other categories but are important enough to include in this list.