Related Skills

There are lots of circus arts and other skills that don’t quite fit into the other video categories.  They all deserve to be recognized by the juggling community.  These skills could be adopted into your act or used to inspire your creativity.  In any case, they are very entertaining and you should at least watch them for that reason.

Unicycle – Although not itself a juggling skill, unicycles have been used in conjunction with juggling for a very long time.

Rola Bola – Similar to unicycles, rola bolas can be used as an act on their own or to spice up any juggling performance.

Soccer Ball Juggling – If you ask any football (soccer) player what juggling is, they will tell you it’s bouncing or rolling one ball all over your body.

Yo-yo – This popular skill toy can be very entertaining and the skills are similar to that of the diabolo and some flow arts.

Cardistry – Magicians have been experimenting with card flourishes for quite some time, and now this amazing skill is branching over into the field of juggling.

Martial Arts – Observing various weapon techniques has influenced some flow arts and could inspire your style or techniques as well.