Francis Brunn

Francis Brunn was one of the best jugglers who’s ever lived.  His performance style was completely captivating and his technical abilities were spectacular.  A lot of his techniques aren’t used anymore, but I think every juggler should watch his amazing act.  He was a legend and we should all be aware of his contributions to the world of juggling.

Kris Kremo

Growing up in a circus family, Kris was taught how to juggle by his father Bela Kremo.  His successful performing career took him all around the world, including a long stint in Las Vegas.  His skills are legendary, especially his manipulation of hats, cigar boxes, and balls.

Albert Lucas

Albert learned how to juggle when he was 3 and started performing when he was 4.  His long career includes prestigious performances all over the world.  He has also set several juggling records, observed by the International Jugglers Association and the Guinness Book of World Records.

Dick Franco

A world-renowned performer, Dick Franco has won several prestigious circus competitions.  Along with other top-notch juggling skills, he also was the first juggler to juggle chainsaws!

There are tons of great jugglers from the past who have made the world of juggling what it is today.  These are just a few, but I will add more periodically.