What are Flow Arts?

Flow arts are a type of prop manipulation that don’t fit the traditional definition of juggling.  The various flow skills are usually characterized by fluid motions and the spinning of props.  This art form is always evolving and has been gaining popularity over the last few decades.  Watch this short film to learn about it:

Michael Moschen

Arguably the greatest single contributor to the flow arts is Michael Moschen.  He’s a juggler and dancer who basically invented what is known today as contact juggling.  Other jugglers have rolled balls over their bodies, but he was the first to use acrylic balls to roll across his hands and arms.  He also invented the s-curve, which later evolved into the Buugeng.  Some of his videos can be found under the Contact Juggling and Bouncing pages.  Here’s a video of his involvement with the movie Labyrinth:

Flow Arts Performance

Here’s a great example of quite a few different flow arts: