Can anyone learn how to juggle?  The simple answer is yes.  If you’re able to toss and catch a small object with one hand then you can learn how to juggle.  It’s more a question of whether or not you want to juggle.

balls-272407_640We all have the same experience at the beginning.  First, you pick up a couple beanbags, oranges, or whatever small thingies are laying around.  You start tossing them around and within the first ten seconds, you’ve dropped a couple of them on the floor.  You pick them up and try again, only to drop them a second time.  Then you try one more time and, of course, you drop again.  This is the moment of truth.  This is the crossroads that determines whether or not you will become a juggler.

Most people reach this point and then say, “I can’t do this.  It’s too hard.”  The continuous dropping feels like tiny failures which cancel out any amount of fun they thought they were going to have.  For a select few, though, the process is fun for them even when they drop.  The more they try, the more they begin to see tiny improvements which fuel their drive to keep trying.  The more they try and the more they drop, the more they figure out how not to drop until eventually they’re not dropping at all.  For these special people, their drive for exploration and self-improvement outweigh their fear of failure.

A common misconception about juggling:

Lots of people don’t juggle because they say, “I’m not coordinated enough.”  This isn’t true because, unless you have a neurological disorder or something that limits your mobility, coordination can be developed.  We were all uncoordinated when we were babies, but we learned how to walk and now we can do all sorts of cool things.

If you can’t juggle, I would encourage you to try.  If it’s hard at first and you drop a lot, keep going.  I promise you can learn how as long as you keep practicing.  It’s a fun challenge and the sense of accomplishment you get out of it will be worth all the struggle.

If it’s just not fun for you, that’s cool.  Life is short, so do whatever makes you happy.