Hello jugglers!  Welcome to JuggleBetter.com, the complete learning solution for jugglers of every skill level.  As someone who has been juggling for over 20 years, I know what jugglers need in order to learn and grow.  Every aspiring juggler needs these three things:

  1. Knowledge – You need to know how to juggle, how to do tricks and how to use proper technique.
  2. Demonstrations – The best way to learn is from other jugglers.  Watching them perform can give you knowledge and inspiration.
  3. Props – You will need decent juggling equipment if you want to advance your skills.  Low-quality props are harder to juggle.

This website addresses all three of these key elements.  If you want to learn how to juggle and do lots of tricks, click on the Classroom tab.  To watch some amazing jugglers demonstrate their amazing skills, head over to the Videos tab.  If you need high-quality props, click on the Shopping Mall tab.  There are also some articles to help expand your knowledge and understanding of the world of juggling.  JuggleBetter.com will hopefully be your ultimate tool to help you reach your full juggling potential.

About me:

My name is Dustin Christensen.  On the Christmas of ’94 Santa gave me three footbags in my stocking.  I spent the next few days practicing and by new year’s eve I could do a shaky cascade.  Nine months later, someone gave me a book for my birthday on how to juggle.  I spent the next couple years trying to learn new tricks with very little information and cheap props.  Eventually, I started going to the Portland Juggling Club which skyrocketed my growth.  The experienced jugglers that I met there showed me new tricks, gave me pointers on the tricks I already knew and suggested which props I should buy.

The knowledge and guidance I received from those experienced jugglers was invaluable to me.  The reason I created this website was to play that role in your life.  I want to teach you how to juggle and do tons of tricks, share some amazing performances I’ve found and show you where to buy some great props.  My goal is to continue developing this website add adding great content that will help you reach your potential as a recreational juggler or performer.

Give me feedback:

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments for me.  Drop me a line through this form and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.